Using humor and his many talents as an entertainer and communicator, Harold develops and delivers innovative programs, seminars, workshops and keynotes. These provide bridges for those interested in going from the ordinary to the EXTRA ordinary – from the go-along to the go getter.

When President and Mrs. George H.W Bush wanted words of wisdom presented in a fun and most unusual way, they contacted Harold Wood. And people never forget it. A professional speaker, Harold brings a flair for the dramatic that captures an audiences attention.

Harold asks the pivotal question – “What’s stopping you from succeeding?” Learn to identify your own personal straitjacket and overcome it. Don’t let others move ahead while you stay behind. He demonstrates the importance of Responsibility, Flexibility, and Attitude. Harold uses magic and juggling in his entertaining programs to reinforce concepts and teach audiences to learn and retain more. All of us need to learn to laugh more at our job and on the job.


Harold makes learning fun! Whether your group needs help with personal growth and development, overcoming obstacles or just inspiration and motivation to be more productive on the job each day, Harold is your man! He’ll juggle, perform amazing feats of magic, and tickle your funny bone with his hilarious banter. He will astound you as he escapes from a strait jacket while peddling his unicycle. Harold lives to inspire and motivate people to achieve their dreams. He encourages organizations to reach new heights and become stronger and more successful.


How do people from different backgrounds pull together to become a team? How do they raise their level of accomplishment for the benefits of the organization? What qualities make a productive team? Discover the answers to these and other important questions at Harold’s puts your team into fun, interactive situations where they work on problem solving skills. After each exercise, the teams are debriefed to determine the connection with real world problems faced back at the office.


What message do you want your people to remember for a very looooong time? In his own fun and entertaining way, Harold will make sure your folks get your message. When he speaks to an audience of team members and associates or acting as the corporate spokes person advocating your cause or mission, Harold will deliver your message in a way that will not be forgotten. Creating a message your team members will take back to the work place is as easy as a phone call to Harold!


Use Harold’s ability to create an indelible memory, to cultivate an image with your clients, or to cement a relationship with them and potential clients. Join other organizations in sponsoring Harold to represent them at association meetings as either a keynote speaker or ” Wind Down” speaker. Your potential clients will be talking about you and Harold for a very long time. Want your clients to remember you for a long time? Give them Harold! To communicate a message or just provide fun and entertainment, who can forget Harold and his message?

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